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The Loop, Supir

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The Loop, Supir

So to get the formal stuff out the way, my name is Patrick and my job is to find really awesome bus operators like you for The Loop!

“The Loop” is a brand new transit system that will be running a free bus service throughout the Towson Community.

This opportunity is super cool and here’s why.

  • 7-year contract, most procurement deals are 5
  • Industry wage that isn’t MTA or WMATA is only $14 per hour, The Loop pays $18 per hour
  • School bus companies may pay you $21-22 per hour, but only pay you for 4-6 hours.
  • The Charm City Circulator deals with downtown and the madness of Baltimore City 
  • Most government contracts are owned by big agencies, so its no relationship. The Loop is operated by a locally owned company
  • MDOT takes like a year to hire
  • WMATA takes like a year to hire and deals with the Worlds 6th worse traffic. World……not country 
  • The director is a former bus operator, cool dude
  • Overtime doing motor coach
  • It’s a new system, so you get hired at the top of the seniority chart
  • Easy routes
  • No downtown driving
  • No farebox, so no disputes or angry passengers

What are the Basic requirements

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