How To Get A Safe Qualified Commercial Driver For Free In Less Than 2 Minutes

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Whats Supir?

It's The Simple Fix To Every "ING" You Hate About Driver Recruiting..

Pay-ING:  for  job postings
Email-ING: Multiple recruits and getting no response
Call-ING: candidates who screen calls and don’t answer anyway
Hir-ING: Bad employees who don’t work out

Don’t you wish you could stop do-ing things you don’t like?

Stop Wast-ing Time Look-ing For People To Start Driv-ing
and Start Use-ing Supir

No More Stranger Danger

Don’t you hate it when you pay websites money to post a job listing only for them to just introduce you to a stranger?

Or better yet you end up with a bunch of spam or emails you cant keep up with?

Hiring someone from one of these sites  is the equivalent of accepting a Tinder connection from someone without a profile pic


and a wack bio

riskfree, Supir

Disclaimer: I am no longer that skinny, and I’m almost bald. But I still do have those cool looking sunglasses. 

Here's a small fraction of who you can hire right away:

Small or big, new or skilled, niche or competitive, there’s a driver here for every business every vehicle

Not to mention you can search by location or map.

If you need a driver in DC…just search for a driver in DC


riskfree, Supir

Will I Lose Money?

Nope. You lose money with employees when you add up the costs to hire. Supir’s are independent contractors and like every other contractor (independent business) in this country.


If you don’t show up and do the work you won’t get paid.


You also lose money when you swing and miss on an employee between training costs and recruitment costs


Why not just show up, find the driver you need and hire them for the time you need them.



riskfree, Supir

Stop Procrastinating

It can cost up to $10,000 and take nearly 45 days to recruit and hire a new driver.

It costs you 0 hours to browse here

It costs you $0.00 until you actually use a driver

And even then, your only paying what your driver charges you + 2.5% to process the digital transaction.


If you think that’s still too expensive you should see what recruitment agencies charge to introduce you to more strangers


Would you like a free Class B Driver?

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