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About Us, Supir
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First things first, thanks for checking us out! My names Patrick and I’m the founder here at Supir. Supir was created as a direct solution to how I felt being a bus driver. So when the driver shortage became a “media” thing I wasn’t surprised. If you’re a veteran you’re probably already aware that the shortage has been around for some time. This isn’t anything new.

However, if you’re a current CDL holder like me you probably already know that the shortage has nothing to do with the lack of drivers. It has everything to do with the culture.

Supir was built as an alternative option when compared to conventional bus ops. This way companies can get the drivers they need, and drivers can get the reality they want.

Patrick Parents Founder
About Us, Supir
Supir is filled with drivers from top to bottom, front line to front office.

Driver Built. Driver Managed

Do you know who'd be really good at recruiting a bus driver?
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