Finding Drivers Made Easy

Our Vision

Seamless Discovery

Search from dozens bus operators to find your exact needs. Search by location, availability and even reviews!

Fast and Responsive

In a hurry? Do you require a driver right now? See who's available and online right now! To get the process started, start the dialogue with a speedy direct inbox

Verified and Professional

Every Verified Bus Operator on the Supir platform comes ready with a 30-day MVR, background check, and road test, which can all be accessed on their service profile or requested.

Secure and Cost-effective

Reduce payroll costs while also saving time on HR paperwork. Using the Supir platform, you can find, meet, book, and pay for your preferred bus operator in one location. Our platform is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1 and is built on Microsoft's Azure defender cloud and Stripe. In the payments sector, this is the most demanding level of accreditation available. This indicates that your information is extremely safe and secure.

Supir Vs Traditional Hiring?

Why Us?

Built For The Next Generation

Gen-Z favors a more self-employed lifestyle, with 53% preferring it. In reality, the United States currently has 59 million freelancers, with a 17 percent increase projected over the next five years. Most sectors employ a mix of traditional employees and equally skilled contractors, and it's time for bus transportation to participate

Built For Business Growth

Transportation providers can save nearly 40% on overhead and scaling costs by using the Supir platform, which includes dispatching, payroll, marketing, and recruiting  costs. Our platform encompasses advertising, marketing, human resources, and content, allowing you to focus on generating more trips and making more money.

Built For Community

The problem isn't a lack of career transit options; it's a lack of significant connections. Supir was created to promote collaboration, communication, flexibility, and transparency between those who own buses and those who want to drive them. We want to see fewer "jobs" and more "relationships" in the future.

Our Why

The World Is Changing and The Way People Work is Changing With It.

"Our industry isn't linked together. Traditionally, each stage of the bus operations was disjointed. From HR to Management. I've discovered there is little continuity from one person to the next. This has created such a big wedge in our industry, resulting in the massive shortage we are currently seeing in real time. Supir was the answer in creating a community, and more connections. Not just jobs. Drivers and transportation providers can now buy and sell services online, just like they would in person, thanks to our unique online approach to bus operations. There are no complicated or time-consuming hiring procedures. There are no long-term commitments. Providers of transportation can now access assistance when they need it, ensuring that everyone has a safe and affordable ride home. I recall my days as a Transit Operator, and how much I enjoyed the actual driving portion but despised everything else. Businesses can now concentrate on creating trips, while drivers can concentrate on driving, thanks to the Supir Platform. Our goal is to bring the transportation community together in order to create the future of bus driving for everyone" -Patrick Parents| Inc, Founder & Operator