How does hiring on Supir compare to traditional hiring?

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Compared to hiring drivers through a staffing agency or lengthy recruitment processes, it’s often easier to find the right driver on Supir and faster to get them behind the wheel.

Let’s take a closer look at how these driver sources stack up against each other from posting a job to working with drivers.

The Cast

Lets take a quick look at the current and conventional means for getting bus drivers


  • Staffing Agencies

This is the most familiar solution for finding employees, though in our experience there hasn’t been a dedicated agency for bus drivers. Staffing agencies get workers as employees and then contract them out to other companies.

  • Job boards

These are online websites like Monster and On these platforms people can search for thousands of jobs all over the world. After a person applies for a job, the interview and engagement processes are done offline

  • Supir

Supir is a freelance marketplace that connects drivers with companies. Freelancing will make up nearly 53% of the U.S workforce by 2025! The professionals you’ll find here are independent drivers interested in versatile opportunities—be they quick, longer-term, or on-demand. Like job boards, Supir enables you to search for and connect with talent directly. However  Supir make it easier for you to work with anyone, located anywhere. Supir’s features extend beyond job boards to make it easier to contract, work with, and make payments.

Posting a job: Supir vs Traditional methods

Compared to other sources, it’s easy and free to post an opportunity on Supir. You can post several jobs in less time using our technology-assisted form. Once you select a driver- scheduling, payroll, and oversight are all included . The biggest difference between posting a job on Supir and the other two talent sources is cost. Job boards like Monster determine rates by several variables including the type of job, job location, and click-through rates. With so many variables, prices can add up quickly, as the table shows below.

How does hiring on Supir compare to traditional hiring, Supir

Finding Drivers: Supir vs Traditional Methods

You can find drivers much quicker Supir when compared to other options. This is because driver profiles give you more upfront information for a driver, such as rates and availability. Not to mention things like profile pics and bios help you get a quick overview of a person in ways a standard form cant.

How does hiring on Supir compare to traditional hiring, Supir

Paying Drivers: Supir vs Traditional Methods

Paying drivers on Supir is easy because we handle the payment details for you. With just a few clicks you can pay and schedule drivers


How does hiring on Supir compare to traditional hiring, Supir

Collaboration: Supir vs Traditional Methods

Teamwork makes the dreamwork, Supir’s built in communication and collaboration tools make it easy and simple to work together.

How does hiring on Supir compare to traditional hiring, Supir
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