Hey..I Get It, But We're Not A Temp Agency...Here's Why

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If you are starting out in the transportation industry and working as a driver, it might be challenging to differentiate Supir from any other temp or recruitment agency. They both bring employers and workers together and earn some commission from your job completion. While they have some similarities, Supir goes about the process in an entirely different and unique way. They focus their energy and time on commercial driving and how to serve you best. Here are five reasons why Supir is not the same as a temp agency!

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Control Your Work

Temp agencies have complete control over every aspect of the transaction. They expect you to only work through them and follow all of their rules. They decide which drivers receive job offers and connect them to buyers–you are practically at the mercy of the agency. If they favor another person over you, you will miss out on many job opportunities. They also take a massive cut out of your earnings for their commission. Some temp agencies dare to charge 50% commission rates! They want you to believe that they offer you a good deal and are the only ones who can help you find work. In reality, it is not that difficult to do yourself. Supir gives your control back. You have the power to create your schedule and gigs–you determine your price range and whether or not you want to take on a job. You have to go where the agency sends you; otherwise, you risk being fired. At Supir, you are your boss and make decisions for yourself. You use the platform to form personal connections and develop strong networks. Supir does not take credit for your work and only takes a 10% commission during transactions, which is the lowest rate out of any agency or website.

Prioritizes The Driver

Supir was built for commercial drivers by commercial drivers. Their main priority is to promote your safety and stability as a driver over any buyer or employer. Temp agencies, on the other hand, only care about the money. They see you as a means to an end–they will take the easiest route to complete a job and earn commission, even if it means throwing their drivers under the bus (pun intended). They focus on promoting their company and will do anything to maintain their image and network of buyers. If you make a mistake or disagree with an employer, they will not hesitate to remove and replace you immediately. It is stressful working for a temp agency as you always are on edge, wondering if a bad review causes your dismissal. They prioritize their earnings and will not let any individual come in between that. Supir is not a temp agency because they care about their drivers. They trust the drivers that use their platform and do everything in their power to settle any misunderstandings or friction. They actively work to protect you by constantly monitoring their site for any fraudulent activity. They care about you as an individual, while temp agencies see you as a dollar sign.



Supir sets itself apart from other agencies and marketplaces since it pays you out three times a week, depending on your bank and amount of earnings. You would be lucky at different places to get your money bi-weekly. Supir knows just how hard you work to earn your wages and that you want your money transferred to your bank account as soon as possible. Their website is straightforward to navigate and makes it nearly effortless to link your banking information to your profile. As Supir is designed to protect and promote the drivers, they implemented a pre-pay system. Buyers must pay for your service ahead of time–you won’t start the job until the money has entered Supir’s system. Once your gig is marked complete, the funds will transfer to your profile and be available for withdrawal. Your payment is guaranteed every time. Temp agencies will hold the money over your head because most buyers do not pay until you provide the service. This method is susceptible to scams and dishonest customers, as they might claim you never finished the job or did not do well enough for their preferences. The agency will likely side with the buyer and do nothing to defend you and your laborious efforts. Instead, they want to save face with the buyer and will withhold your money. Supir refuses to steal from you like other temp agencies and has protections to defend against malicious buyers.

Location Flexibility

If you partner with a temp agency, they restrict you to their specific location. They will only be able to search for potential employers within their local area and jurisdiction. It is standard practice and wholly expected. However, Supir has changed the transportation marketplace by allowing you to find work anywhere in the country with just one profile. Just as you can change your location on a dating app and meet new people, you can find jobs in other cities and states with Supir. Whether you are traveling around and need to find some extra work or find yourself moving to a new location, you can easily find work on Supir. You don’t need to apply to a new temp agency every single time your location changes. You have already set up your profile with your gigs and quotes, so employers can easily find you,  enabling you to work, not just whenever you want but wherever. Location flexibility is crucial for the progress of the transportation industry. It propels the drivers towards a future of remote work–you would be able to earn money wherever you go, which is the ultimate goal of a freelancer. If you are interested in how Supir is looking ahead and making innovative changes to modern commercial driving, check out this article about Supir and its future-proofing methods.


As temp agencies only show interest in buyer satisfaction and earning rates, they prioritize some drivers over others. If you are new or perhaps disliked by one of the agents, they are less likely to give you work. Even if you are a decent worker and have good reviews, they still might choose to advertise someone else. Your job is entirely at their discretion. You are dependent on their networks for finding employment and don’t have a chance to develop relationships yourself to gather reviews and referrals. Buyers have direct contact with the agency, not the drivers, so you have no control over your schedule, finances, or reviews. Supir gives your power back by creating a platform that allows and encourages praise. Word-of-mouth and referrals are crucial to landing your next gig. Five-star reviews will ensure that you repeatedly find jobs and earn a wage. Your buyer can post a note on your profile for others to see, which allows you to maintain and build up a personal clientele base. Buyers can finally reward you for your hard work with their praise and favoritism. You no longer struggle with temp agencies–you have the means to develop a strong network of contacts.


Essentially, Supir is a personalized platform that works for you, not the other way around. Its main goal is to provide you the opportunity to create connections and build your freelancing empire. It won’t steal your money or control your schedule–it wants you to take charge of your life and succeed. While incredibly helpful to find you job opportunities in a short time, temp agencies prioritize their business ahead of yours and extort you for as much money as they possibly can. By finding work through an agency, you are still working for someone else. If you desire more freedom and individualization, create a profile on Supir today and start building up your network to work for yourself.

Sabrina Pannler
Sabrina Pannler

Sabrina is a content creator and blogger at Supir.

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