3 Ways Supir Is Future Proofing Bus Transportation

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With the constant improvement of modern technology, the transportation industry as we know it is changing. Marketing tactics, business ventures, and job searches are not the same as it was even five years ago. It is too easy for companies to fall prey to newer ones because they refused to change methods to appeal to audiences. While transportation might not seem to be changing how you work in this field is. Supir is leading the charge towards innovation to ensure that commercial drivers keep up with the ever-changing trends.

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Moving The Industry Forward

Almost every aspect of the world is shifting to the internet. More and more remote job opportunities are popping up, especially since the onset of the pandemic. Everyone realizes that many jobs work well–if not better–online. Studies show that workforce trends are moving quickly towards freelancing. Researchers state that by 2023, more than 50% of Americans are expected to be freelancers, regardless of profession. The most apparent freelancing gigs are graphic design, writing, or video editing, but you can theoretically freelance any work.

The internet is the best way to market yourself and reach a wider audience and employment prospects. Commercial transportation has been relatively slow and unable to keep up with all these rapid online changes. There is even a shortage of drivers currently in the United States. Commercial transportation has no central platform online and is not preparing for future endeavors. Supir has stepped in to fulfill this discrepancy by viewing the trends. It wants to keep commercial transportation up to date with the other industries and continuously progress.

Restaurants and stores drastically increased their revenue this past year by utilizing apps and online shopping, but the transportation industry fails to adapt. It has nothing to offer business owners regarding online usage–nothing is streamlined for the current modern-day. People always search online for things today, even to hire workers. Linkedin is one of the largest networking platforms, and it is all online. The internet is becoming the ultimate way to find jobs. Americans are shifting away from the old working model of in-person employment where you are required to meet for an interview. They are figuring out new ways to make money that require little effort and instantly reach more people than they could in person.

Supir is taking advantage of the situation and setting themselves at the forefront of this new developing world. They plan to propel the transportation industry also towards freelancing and remote. You don’t want to fall behind and have outdated systems–online opportunities should be available regardless of profession.


Reducing Costs

It can be costly for a company or employer to hire a new driver. It is always more cost-efficient to keep your current employees than to repeatedly get new ones, especially if they are full time because you have to spend time training and breaking them in. It can cost close to ten thousand dollars to obtain a new driver. It is best to use online freelancing sites to hire drivers on an as-needed basis, saving employers money. If you don’t need one every day, you won’t spend unnecessary money on salary and wages. You can hire them as you see fit.

Supir centralizes the talent and experienced drivers so that you can shop for the best ones all in the same place–you don’t have to struggle to visit multiple platforms. Everything is organized in one easy-to-use website. You can quickly find the exact type of driver you need to complete your job and have immediate access to their resume and credentials without needing to message them first. It also saves you time since their prices are already listed.

Time is money, and they typically charge less than what a private company or agency would. For example, hiring someone from Supir to drive a wedding shuttle is infinitely cheaper than hiring a high level limo and chauffeur. You are guaranteed a safe driver since you vet them yourself and can save money in the process. You don’t need to create multiple listings to post on job sites or send to temp agencies–it can cost up to forty dollars a day to list an advertisement or job offer. You don’t want to keep it up there for long. Otherwise, you lose even more money. Supir is free to join and free to post. It keeps costs low and encourages transactions between drivers and employers.


Supir allows employers to scale their businesses as they see fit. Employee overhead can be expensive, primarily when they work a demanding job or are not needed as often. Companies lose a surprising amount of money when they both hire or fire someone. With Supir, your business can hire more drivers when you have the capacity and funds. You can post listings and hire contract drivers on an as-needed basis, another method that ensures your company keeps costs low. When you don’t need them or can’t afford them, it allows you to limit your employee payroll. When you need to scale back, you can reduce the number of employees you have without firing them. It will enable businesses to adjust according to their current financial situation without putting the company and its employees at risk.

The future of the business world is moving entirely online. Supir refuses to let transportation get left behind, so it created a new platform that utilizes modern technology and strategies. It applies typical freelancing marketing to commercial driving in a never-before-seen way. The internet and search engines run the world–people obtain nearly all their information from online websites and sources. Supir’s website will reduce a company’s overhead costs while allowing for increased flexibility for both the employer and driver. It is paying attention to the current trends and pushing the industry in the right direction. Supir is continually looking ahead and coming up with innovative ideas to keep the transportation industry-relevant and useful in modern society.

Sabrina Pannler
Sabrina Pannler

Sabrina is a content creator and blogger at Supir.

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