3 Places CDL Drivers Can Make Side Money

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Obtaining your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) is a practical financial alternative to going to school. Not everyone is cut out for higher education, and not everyone can afford it either. A four-year degree is not essential to succeed in this country. You can easily earn a decent liveable salary by getting your CDL–and you won’t have to go into debt to achieve it. Making enough money is everyone’s top priority, so it is best to do your research and figure out the best method to make money as a commercial driver. There are various places to join to find employment, but they are not all equal. Here are three different options to find work as a CDL driver!

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Task Rabbit


There is such a wide variety of jobs available on this site that you can hire anyone to do anything. It is a fantastic opportunity to make some extra money on the side. You set your hours and pay, creating a flexible schedule that works best for you. When you are self-employed, no one can force you to take on any work; you decide for yourself. You even have the potential to earn tips after you complete your tasks. Both buyers and sellers can post gigs, which broadens the search range. TaskRabbit even conducts a vetting process to validate the identity of the laborers. Their best feature is their app–it allows you to find work at any time or place.



While TaskRabbit might be an excellent opportunity for housework labor, it lacks considerably for driving jobs. It only offers delivery and hauling. You don’t have many opportunities to expand into other driving jobs with this site. There is no variety, which means only one category dictates your pay and schedule. Even worse, you are expected to provide your own mode of transportation.

To become a driver and participate on their website, you have to have your own junking or moving truck. Owning a vehicle is incredibly unrealistic for many drivers, especially those just starting in this industry. You should not be closed off from job opportunities because you don’t have the funds to purchase an expensive truck. The whole point of joining sites like this is to save money and avoid debt.

TaskRabbits (the laborers) have no protection or insurance. They don’t have any guarantee of payment and are at risk of frequent scams. Since they are considered contractors, the site has no loyalty and often sides with the customer in disagreements or disputes. Although TaskRabbit screens the laborers, they don’t for the buyers posting their job offerings. They don’t need to provide any personal contact information aside from an email, resulting in fraudulent activity. This company doesn’t protect its contractors from the users–they care more about the payments.

TaskRabbits often accuse the company of taking more than their claimed 15% commission. The startup cares more about their funding and maintaining their profits. Their payment method is to markup whatever price you listed and collect their earnings from the extra fees. However, many buyers are aware of this and low-ball their offers to counteract TaskRabbit’s additional charges. The company might not take from your earnings, but you lose money overall due to sketchy prices.

Temp Agency

A temporary agency, also known as a recruiting or staffing agency, connects employers and job-seekers to fill in open positions. Although it seems similar to the previous company, temp agencies have many differences. They are typically known for securing work in a short amount of time because of their extensive network.



These types of agencies are user friendly. They conduct almost all business in-person so that you can build a personal connection to the people there. It is beneficial to those who are not tech-savvy or don’t like to use the internet. It takes all the burden from your shoulders. Trying to find employment is time-consuming and challenging and can be incredibly disheartening. Temp agencies take charge and do the legwork for you. You have to sit back and wait for them to notify you. These agencies are established and have vast networks to take advantage of. It won’t take them very long to find you employment.



Although temp agencies can find you a position quickly, they charge such excessive rates that it might not even be worth it. They sometimes have commission rates as high as 50%. There is no reason why any third-party should charge that much money. You are better off finding employment on your own at that price.

There is also no flexibility with a temp agency. You have no power over the hours you work or the rates you charge. Since they are doing the work to find you a job, you essentially have no decision and must settle for “you get what you get.” They assign you to a task and expect you to follow through. They sometimes play favorites and give better jobs to the ones they like instead of fairly distributing them. Also, if you don’t fulfill the job, they might dismiss you entirely from the agency.
They don’t care about the individual contract drivers. You are merely a means to an end–they want the payment. There are no protections put into place to support you and protect you from angry employers. Temp agencies typically always side with the buyer and will quickly fire you to avoid additional troubles. They prioritize the job and getting paid.


Supir is a newly developed online marketplace that serves as a platform to connect freelancers to prospective employers. You can create your own gigs and offer services. While it has similar features to TaskRabbit and temp agencies, it focuses on and prioritizes transportation drivers only. If you are interested in the differences, here’s an article on why Supir is not considered a temp agency.



With Supir, you are your own boss. You create your schedule as you see fit and determine your pay, hours, and location. No one can force you to take on a job you don’t want to do. Supir gives you a lot of flexibility and allows you to be selective with job offerings. The entire site dedicates itself to promote commercial driving, so you have everything you need in one place. It has much more variety with their categories–you are not limited to only delivery or hauling tasks. They even have pet transport as an option.

Unlike other platforms that use their contractors for money, Supir prioritizes its drivers. It works to protect and defend its drivers from fraud. They utilize a pre-pay system to ensure payment is delivered before you begin the job–this way, no one can hold the money over your head and force you to do extra labor. There is a lot of security in place to protect against scams. Supir also only takes a commission of 10%, which is the lowest rate out of any third-party website or agency. Their low fees mean more money in your pocket at the end of the day.

A bonus feature of using Supir is its location option. You can offer your services wherever you travel within the country. You can easily update your location and get hired in each city that you visit. This feature is a fantastic opportunity when you want to pick up a few shifts while road tripping or finding immediate work after a move. Location flexibility is crucial for self-employment.



The biggest downside to Supir is that it is a relatively new site. It has to compete for space in the market against larger, established companies. It is still a bit barren and unknown, so there are not as many users yet. It will take some more time before it starts to expand and gain traction within the industry. The networks are currently small, so you might have difficulty finding job opportunities in all the categories you offer.

Sabrina Pannler
Sabrina Pannler

Sabrina is a content creator and blogger at Supir.

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