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With the recent turn of the economy, it can be challenging to find a stable job, especially one you enjoy. Although it might seem like a risk, being your employer is a fantastic opportunity to take charge of your life. Become a self-employed commercial driver and find success with Supir. Being a self-employed driver allows you to decide when to work and for how many hours. You can earn great pay all without needing a university degree. Supir will help you grow your business by serving as a platform to connect you to potential customers. It is a great way to be your own boss and earn good money!

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You have the potential to make a decent liveable wage all through offering your commercial services online. Supir prioritizes its drivers, unlike other temp agencies and platforms. They protect their drivers from fraudulent activity and prevent scams. You will be able to save more money with Supir, as they have the lowest commission rates of all the platforms at only 10%. You set your rates, too, so you are in complete control of your finances. A bonus is that they pay every three days, while you’ll have to wait a week with others.


Supir’s primary focus is to promote their drivers and create more opportunities. While you might have clients that reach you directly through the site, you should still consider advertising yourself elsewhere to attract more business. The best way to make money with Supir is if you consistently market yourself and your profile. You can send your service profile link to clients so they can immediately submit their gig. Set up your very own Supir profile in just five steps!


One of the most popular platforms to advertise your Supir profile is Facebook. Join a lot of local groups and get in contact with local companies. You don’t have to be passive and wait for someone to get in touch–reach out or even cold call to market yourself. Respond to posts within the groups and send out your service link. Facebook lets you reach a large audience without putting in a lot of effort or money.


Craigslist is another platform that offers advertisement potential. Search the employment sections for any transportation gigs that might apply to you and your skillset. Send the employer your resume and Supir link. It will set you apart from other possible hires and demonstrate that you have the ability and experience to complete the job. With a Supir profile, you gain an advantage in the hiring process and can earn more money.


Next Door is a fantastic site where you can interact directly with your neighbors. You can get to know your community and find people in your immediate vicinity who might require commercial driving services. You can reply to posts or even create one to offer your services to anyone who might need them. It is a free platform that connects you to residents and business owners. They are more likely to trust in you if you have a genuine profile proving your certifications and skills.


Supir is a safer option as a self-employed commercial driver. It is effortless to book gigs and get paid with this website. Create a profile and market yourself on various sites to start earning a great wage. Take control of your finances and watch your bank account grow!

Sabrina Pannler
Sabrina Pannler

Sabrina is a content creator and blogger at Supir.

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