4 Free Ways To Recruit CDL Drivers

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Hiring Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) drivers can be quite the challenge as there is currently a shortage of transportation drivers. As a business owner, you need to put in extra effort to recruit them to fill your openings. Agencies are one of the most common ways to connect with drivers, but they are outdated and expensive. You don’t want to pay a recruitment agency to find workers for you when you can do it yourself for free. It isn’t that difficult to advertise a potential job, especially now that the internet is omnipresent. Here are four free ways to recruit CDL drivers!

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Study SEO

One of the first steps to advertising online and recruiting drivers is to research Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Learn how to optimize your content and use keywords to make the algorithms work in your favor. Every platform has specific techniques to study that will increase your overall traffic and business. Engaging content is crucial nowadays as it determines your ranking on search engines like Google. If you don’t know how analytics work, you will lose your website and profile in the billions of other daily posts. 

Social Media

Nearly everyone with access to the internet checks their social media pages daily. Social media has become an excellent tool for employment, both posting and applying for jobs. Young drivers primarily use this route to find work, so utilize your social media platforms to advertise yourself and hire drivers. Create profiles for commercial driving, post relatable and engaging content, and be consistently active on it to gain a following. Let it do the work for you.  


Facebook is an incredibly lucrative social media platform where you can join groups and forums and post your job offerings. With it, you have access to a more significant audience base and applicant pool. Blogs are another marketing tool you could take advantage of. If you build up a presence online, you can easily hire new workers through your blog. Most prospective employees first use a search engine like Google to find openings. Optimize your content with your SEO skills so that you rank within the top search results. Blogs also enable you to collect emails and conduct advertisement campaigns. The internet is your biggest marketing tool when recruiting drivers.


Professional Networking


Professional social media sites are a fantastic resource specifically designed to connect employers to applicants. It is free to post a job ad on sites like LinkedIn and Indeed. You can have access to someone’s resume and certifications without ever needing to speak to them first. Most individuals on these sites are professional, trustworthy, and eagerly looking for work. There is a niche for commercial driving on these sites, although it might be slimmer than expected. Don’t rely only on professional networking sites to advertise your hiring.


A website created for commercial drivers, Supir connects buyers and sellers in a straightforward and easy system. It is one of the best marketplaces for CDL drivers because they control their profiles and gigs. You can either reach out to them or post your job opening to receive offers. Supir protects against fraud, so you don’t have to be as concerned with scamming as you would on Facebook. It is free to join and create a profile and can also be used anywhere in the country.



You no longer need to hire a recruitment or temp agency to be connected to potential employees. Study SEO to improve your social media presence and meet drivers online through sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Supir–all for free!

Sabrina Pannler
Sabrina Pannler

Sabrina is a content creator and blogger at Supir.

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