How To Go Supir

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(fufill an order)

Before we go any further, we have a secret to share with you.

Supir means to drive/driver

All of the gosupir branding, marketing, phrases and such all come back to one simple ideology we have here.

Go Drive.

To fulfill an order is to go supir (get it?😁)

Our open platform allows drivers and businesses to work together to achieve success. Now you may be wondering what that process actually looks like in the real world.

Take a few moments and read the content below. It will give you all the tools and knowledge you need to successfully fulfill orders and Go Supir!

The Ordering Process (Customer Point Of View)

How To Fulfill An Order, Supir

After browsing through various drivers in the marketplace, when a customer wants to either buy or find out more information about your offering, they will eventually end up on the screen above. This is where most orders start.

This is the primary point of purchase or contact.

If a customer wants to discuss the job or opportunity more, they can hit the contact button directly below your name and be connected to your inbox within the supir platform.

You’ll be notified of these messages via the email you’ve registered with.

While communicating with you, customers may ask for sensitive information like a license number, this is normal and most likely for insurance purposes so don’t worry.

In your message thread, you and the customers are able to work out the specifics of the job or opportunity.

If the customer decides to move forward, they will then hit the Go Supir button, and proceed to pay for your services.

How To Fulfill An Order, Supir

The picture above is the final step in the customer finalizing an order. 

Once the customer completes a purchase, the money does not come directly to you, rather it is held in hiatus waiting for 3 of the following actions to take place

  • You deny the request, this will cause the money to immediately be returned back to the buyer.
  • You accept the request and are waiting for the order to be completed
  • You haven’t accepted or denied the request. In the event this happens funds will hold for 3 days, before returning to the buyer.

Executing the job

How To Fulfill An Order, Supir

Every job is different, make sure you have a clear understanding of the customer’s needs prior to accepting the job. Be clear on things like times, reporting location, and other company processes. 

When you arrive (wherever that may be) it’s usually best to search out the person who hired you via and ask for any additional instructions.

Once the assignment is completed resolve any signout procedures, and ask the organization or person who hired you to mark the job as completed.

Once the job is marked complete, your funds begin processing and will available in your bank account in 2-4 business days

Raquel Micheals
Raquel Micheals

Raquel is a content creator and support specialist at Supir

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