How To Make Your Supir Profile Stand Out

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Before you commit to working with a company or a professional, you usually like to know who exactly it is that you’ll be doing business with.

Maybe you google them, check out their LinkedIn profile, or take a look at their other social media channels. At the end of the day, we all like to know a little bit about the people we’re trusting with our hard-earned money, and this is no less true for buyers on Supir.

Most humans by default will check out your profile before they click the Go Supir button.

It’s important to invest some time and thought into your profile, you want to craft a page that displays exactly who you are and what makes you unique. From your picture to your description, think of your profile as a way to declare yourself, your skills, and why your buyer should choose you.

If you need assistance in creating a great profile check out some of our sure-fire  templates to get your profile going

Showcase your skills

Whatever your talent is, whether it’s in bus transportation freight, hauling, or anything else, it’s important to find a creative way to demonstrate through your profile why you are the best choice for that category.

If you’re a bus driver then you should have an awesome and visually intriguing profile picture of yourself with buses

If you’re a truck driver then your description should be broadcasting your knowledge about the industry.

While it’s important to keep your profile professional, you should also let your quirks and unique personality shine through. Whether this means you’re wearing your favorite band’s t-shirt in your profile picture (even if it’s a professionally done headshot) or it means that you reference your hobbies in your description.

Don’t be afraid to show that you can bring something special to the table.


It’s human nature to want to see the face of the person with whom you’re communicating. If you can have a profile picture that clearly shows your face, it will make your profile look more professional and will show buyers that they’re working with a real individual person.

Be detailed in your description

Introduce yourself! 

While it’s good to put fun or light-hearted touches to your description, each word is taking up valuable real estate. Don’t waste space on too many things that are off-topic. Focus first on writing a clear and sharp description of who you are and then tweak it to make it more personable within the space limits.

When it comes to making your profile stand out, it’s really about showcasing who you are, why you do what you do, and the principles that guide your work. Treat your profile as an opportunity to introduce yourself to potential customers and create a space where they can get to know you and your professional style.

A great profile inspires confidence and enthusiasm in buyers and is an important part of building your Supir clientele.

Bessie Simpson
Bessie Simpson

Bessie is a content creator and blogger at Supir.

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