How To Create A Listing

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A listing is a service that you offer and sell on Supir.

Creating a listing is an opportunity to show off your skill, maximize your license and provide value to customers who want to utilize your skill set.

To create a listing

  1. Click the post a new service button near the top of the screen
  2. Select the appropriate category
  3. Select the appropriate SUB-category (this helps potential customers find you better)
  4. List your service. For example, if you are offering to drive someone’s moving truck, you can put “I will drive you moving truck”  or if you’re a company that has a fleet of buses you can list a service as “Bus Transportation for up to 12”. 
  5. Select the price. You can do this hourly, weekly, daily, per mile, and so forth. If you want to offer packages for all price types, you’ll have to make additional listings. Just copy and paste everything from your previously listing, only changing the price offer. Look at Patrick Parents’ profile for a live example. It’s the same bus driver offering, just with an hourly, weekly, and monthly option. This helps create versatility for your clients.
  6. Briefly describe your listing. Be as detailed as possible so customers are able to determine if your listing meets their needs.
  7. Select a location. This will help users locate you. If you are offering moving services in Virginia then select Virginia. You can offer different listings in different states. However, you will need to create an additional listing/service. This is great for small regions like the DMV where DC, MD, VA, and certain parts of PA are only an hour away.
  8. Add an image to the service. Remember people see images first before they read (why do you think IG is so popular) We recommend using the type of vehicle. We have great free images that can help jump start your profile
How to create a listing, Supir
How to create a listing, Supir
How to create a listing, Supir
Raquel Micheals
Raquel Micheals

Raquel is a content creator and support specialist at Supir

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