How Payments Work

Supir offers payouts directly to your bank account. This happens anywhere from 2-4 business days upon an order being marked “complete” from a customer. If a customer does not mark an order complete after 3 days, Supir will automatically process the order as complete. 

In the event, there is a monthly gig request, you will be paid out weekly until the end of your contract with the customer.

To ensure that your compensated as quickly as possible make sure you’ve set up your profile, and completed the payment section.

To set up your payments :

  1. Log In to your profile, and hover over your profile picture.
  2. Click the profile section
  3. Click the payments tab
  4.  Enter your banking details
  5. Click save when finished
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How Payments Work, Supir
Bessie Simpson
Bessie Simpson

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