Disputes and Protections

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What’s a chargeback?

A chargeback is a form of buyer protection provided by the issuing banks, which allows cardholders to file a complaint regarding the service they received or any fraudulent transactions made without their knowledge. The buyer’s credit card company informs Supir of the chargeback and may also request more information, such as transaction information, proof of delivery, and proof of refund.

Supir has a specific timeframe in which it is obligated to respond to the credit card company with the requested information


How do chargebacks impact me?.

  1. You are responsible for any service-related chargebacks.
  2. Supir will notify you via email of any chargeback claims sought against you.
  3. In the event the buyer and or bank issue a chargeback against you. Supir invoice you the chargeback amount + an additional admin fee.
  4. You will have 3 days to settle the fee, or your account will be suspended.

Protections for you

  1. In cases where the service was provided in full, Supir will dispute the chargeback on your behalf. 
  2. The customer who sought a fraudulent chargeback will be removed from the Supir Platform
  3. While customers are charged immediately, those funds not released until they mark the service as complete. Only when the order sits dormant for 3 business days, does it automatically process.

We encourage drivers and customers to sort out their differences on their own, prior to involving banks.

In the event a settlement still cannot be reached, contact our dispute team at disputes@supir.app to see if we can help mediate.


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The Supir Team
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