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We believe in the power of human connections

Sometimes all you need is a little more human. For decades  bus transportation has intentionally remained disconnected from its workforce, and in 2020 a pandemic exasperated an already critical problem. This would lead to the worst driver shortage The United States had ever seen, with the current shortage expected to hit nearly 330,000 by the year 2025.

But the drivers exist, they weren’t abducted by aliens. Transportation companies have failed to adapt and adjust to a more connection-based, relationship-first society. At Supir our secret sauce is simple, treat the drivers better, provide more opportunities for growth, develop new talent and the drivers will drive. 

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The world in 2021 is based on two things. Relationships and connections. If you can't connect or relate to your operators you'll always experience operator shortages
Patrick E Parents Jr.
Our Process

Because Simple Works

Detirmine Cultural Issues Within Bus Operations

Did you know the quickest way to discover why you can’t find additional drivers is to ask the current ones?

Profile the Ideal Candidates

Some companies are all about putting meeting a quota we’re about finding a fit for you and your system.

Specialized Outreach

If you’re only posting ad’s on Craiglist and hiring sites, your only touching about 1% of the internet.

With over 9000 drivers in our database, nearly 1M followers within our influencer network, and enough content to open a book store, our recruitment strategy is  fit for 2021 

Post-Hire Managment

The Key to driver retention is actually not retaining them at all.  Supir grants our hires access to over 17,000 online courses, monthly workshops, and resume design to progress their career well beyond the drivers seat

Our service

Optimize Your Business With The Right Talent

Give your Human Resources department a breather so they can focus on more HR stuff. Supir is a full-service staffing agency, handling everything from interviews to drug tests.

Operate at 100% staffing.

Dispatch more trips, get more contracts and provide more reliable consistent service to your customers without worrying about your staff

Our Culture

This Is the Part Where Agencies Tell You About The Super Intense Process They Have. We Don't Have One, Sorry.

The reality is that doesn’t work in 2021.

We have a human process. 

One that values the human before the driver

One that values the client, not sale.


We’re not a traditional staffing or recruitment company. We don’t sell labor.

We build culture and community.

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